Gold Investors

We are always pleased when our work is appreciated and here are some of the kudos which have come our way during our first year of operation.
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[Note: Barry Riley, of the Financial Times in London, is probably the most widely read and highly regarded financial journalist in the United Kingdom.]

"The gold bugs of GATA (it stands for Gold Anti-Trust Action) have an entertaining web site [Le Metropole Cafe] where the conspiracy theory is debated endlessly. GATA blames the US government: it has more or less accepted the Federal Reserve's pleas of innocence but thinks the Treasury has been operating heavily through the Exchange Stabilisation Fund, aided by big bullion traders such as Goldman Sachs."

[Note: Skeptics Corner by well known Forbes editor, James W. Michaels, at, 26 February 2000]

"I'm no gold bug, but I get a charge from, a Web site that worships the shiny yellow metal. There's a lot of mumbo jumbo here about a global conspiracy against gold, but there's also some nifty bearish (on stocks, not gold) commentary from all over the world. These boys were really cheering when the price of gold spiked up in early February."

Rick Ackerman, who writes the "Market Directions" column in the Sunday San Francisco Examiner and runs his own web site of financial commentary, says:

"The site's heavyweight commentators are so very far ahead of whatever you might find in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week or all the rest that it should be considered a must-read for anyone interested in the markets."