Welcome to Bill Murphy's Internet Cafe for Gold and Silver Investors where the real gold and silver story has been told for the past 25 years! As Chairman of The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) Bill has led the fight against gold market, and other precious metals market manipulation since 1999.

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Bill 'Midas' Murphy monitors Precious Metals markets and has been bringing daily analysis and commentary to our subscribers here at LeMetropole Cafe for over 20 years.

Upon graduating Cornell University in 1968 Bill became a starting wide receiver for the Boston Patriots. After leaving football he went on to a career in the futures industry as a commodities broker. Early on he worked for Shearson Hayden Stone and Drexel Burnham before starting up his own introducing brokerage on 5th Avenue in New York. His past experience in the futures arena, and valuable market connections, led to his understanding of the gold/silver price suppression scheme, and what it would mean for future prices.



More About GATA -

Despite massive quantitative easing by the United States, the prices of gold and silver were crushed in 2013 by The Gold Cartel. The blatant price suppression, aided by flash crash attacks on the precious metals, has led to artificially low prices which will not stand. Both gold and silver are headed for historic highs, and well beyond, in the years ahead. The risk/reward investment opportunity in the precious metals and “the shares” is as good as it gets. This is the place where gold/silver investors go on a daily basis to obtain the most up to-date information on the precious metals and to stay on top of that opportunity.

In its efforts to expose, and end, the manipulation of the gold and silver markets GATA has…

*Held four international gold conferences: The GATA African Gold Summit in Durban, South Africa on May 10, 2001Gold Rush 21 in The Yukon’s Dawson City on August 8, 2005GATA Goes To Washington on April 17, 2008 Gold Rush 2011 on August 12, 2011 in London, England *Been to Washington, D.C numerous times to meet U.S. politicians such as Congressman Ron Paul, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert; James Saxton, Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee; Spencer Bachus of The House Financial Services Committee, among others.

*Appeared on CNBC, CNBC/Asia, CNBC/Europe, Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, C-SPAN

*Made additional conference presentations in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto in Canada; Germany; England; Hong Kong; New Zealand; and Australia.

*In December of 2009 brought suit against the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, seeking a court order for disclosure of the central bank's records of its surreptitious market intervention to suppress the monetary metal's price. The Fed paid GATA $2,870 for illegally withholding a document sought by GATA.

*Appeared before the CFTC in Washington in March of 2010, which was televised on the internet.