Le Metropole Cafe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: For whatever reason, I would like to UNSUBSCRIBE from your daily emails. How do I do that?

Click HERE to UnSubscribe from Cafe Mailings.

I think I may be entering the wrong UserID/Password combination. Can you tell me what they are?

The most common email I receive is when somebody enters the wrong USERID and/or Password. Their 'usual' ID for other sites may have been taken, so they've altered it slightly, or they forget that Passwords are Case Sensitive. At any rate, BOTH UserID and Password must be entered precisely the way they were when you registered.

The fastest and easiest way to get this is to go to the LogIn page and click on the I FORGOT link which will take you to a special page designed to handle this problem. The system automatically takes the data you provide (your Cafe Email address), confirms that this address is in our database, then instantly emails you your data. It will also inform you of your current Membership Status and the date of your Next Payment Due (shortly). Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE.

Question: I submitted for a Free 2-Week Trial, but I haven't heard anything back from you. I am entering my proper USER ID and PASSWORD, but am not allowed access.

On completion of your application, the Cafe Server automatically sends out an email to you providing a specific URL link and a unique code. Going to this URL and entering your CODE, USERID and Password completes the registration process. It is possible that the email didn't get to you for many reasons. If you think that it's taken "too long" for this notification to get to you, please use the LOGIN PROBLEM page to let us know, and I'll get to it as soon as humanly possible.

Question: I signed up for a Trial Membership a long time ago. It has since expired. How do I now become a member?

The procedure is simple.

First, if you do not have your USERID and PASSWORD, CLICK HERE to get it. Once you have it then:
1. Go to the Cafe Home Page
2. Press the FREE TRIAL button
3. Log in at the top using your:
Password: (make sure password is entered precisely; all passwords are Case Sensitive)

That will take you to a page which mentions your Trial Expired status AND also provides a PURCHASE button. Pressing that should take you through the process.

Question: I'm getting an Error Message when I attempt to use Cafe Chat. How come?

The software which we've integrated for Cafe Chat does require that you have Cookies turned ON in your Web Browser. 99% of the time, that solves the problem. It is also possible that your logon has 'timed out', so some have reported success by logging on again and going directly from Le Menu to Cafe Chat.

Created on ... March 02, 2002