Le Metropole
The Cyberspace Cafe for Investors

Welcome to Le Metropole. The Cafe is a place where investors from all over the world can meet to discuss the vibrant economic and financial issues of the day. Our theme is the French cafes of the early to mid 20th century, Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle), Les Deux Magots (St. Germain), Le Flore (St. Germain), La Coupole (Montparnasse) and Brasserie Lipp (St. Germain).

Paris was a place where artists, intellectual figures, public personalities, etc., all met to engage, share, and learn. The cafe society of Paris may have changed but the human craving for knowledge and association with the most fascinating minds and creators has not. The internet has made it possible for us to present economic and financial commentary via "The Minds of Le Metropole", an economic dream team, and for you to be able to interact with others about this commentary.

Our team of authoritative experts will focus on:

U. S. Financial Markets

World Financial Markets


Gold (commodities)

and the International Events that affect these markets

The specialties of the house are the precious metals markets and commentary which appeals to contrarians.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Technical Aspects of the Site