Link Protocols

Le Metropole Cafe Link Protocols

Le Metropole Cafe provides a reciprocal 'Link' service for those business and websites who are involved with Cafe Subjects and who provide a hyperlink to us on/from their websites. The protocol is as follows:

Visit our Links page to to understand what we are looking for in terms of graphic, size, and text.

Download one of the Link Images below and the relevant text for use on your site. We provide a general acceptable image which should fit the 'style' of most any site.

Send an email to webmaster@LeMetropoleCafe.Com with your appropriate logo attached and the subject "Link Request". You must also include a link to the page(s) on your site which display the LeMetropoleCafe's link and/or text.

All being in accord, we should have your link up within a day. Order of links is arbitrary. We may, at our discretion, afford higher visibility to companies who have made substantial contributions to the Cafe or to GATA.

LeMetropoleCafe. Com is a financially oriented web site which specializes in Precious Metals commentary. Bill Murphy, Cafe Founder, is Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, which is leading the way in exposing the manipulation of the gold market, orchestrated by various bullion dealers.